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About us

WCbraccioMedic4all Group consists of several subsidiaries grouped under a holding company based in Switzerland - Medic4all Holding AG. This structure allows the optimization of investment, technology usage, intellectual property, know-how, R&D, marketing operations, service providing and fiscal planning.

The group has local service companies in Italy and Israel, and more will be opened in France, Germany, UK, Switzerland and USA.

One Stop Shopping

Medic4all provides a single source to complete telemedicine and healthcare information programs, integrating both services and proprietary technology. Medic4All controls the entire process from R&D and design, through installation, training and technical support, to providing telemedicine and information services. Therefore, Medic4All can guarantee absolute quality for its services and products as well as total flexibility in adapting its services to customer’s requirements.

edic4all has been audited by IQNet and the SII and was certified as compliant with the following international standards: ISO 9001, EN 46001, and ISO 13485, FDA.

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