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Disease managment

With a growing number of chronic diseases requiring management, commercial and government payors are looking forvisual medicare anziano ways to improve the health of theirmembers/beneficiaries while reducing costs and meeting their operational andaccreditation goals. Disease Management Services incorporate telephonic/ Video and communityoutreach, member/beneficiary marketing fulfillment, remote monitoring,physician communications, and data warehousing and exchange to better managehigh-cost, high-prevalence diseases. This multi-faceted approach to disease management and integrated care management emphasizes working closely withall stakeholders, from members/beneficiaries to physicians, payors tocommunity services providers.

  • Disease Management that Delivers Wide-Ranging Benefits
  • Effective, clinically rigorous processes from identification to counseling
  • Personalized, protocol-based interventions that help manage the total person, not just the disease
  • Seamless co-morbidity management and counseling from nurses trained in multiple disease states
  • Regular communication with members’/beneficiaries’ physicians
  • Meaningful outcomes tracking and reports delivered via secure Web Portal and HMR

Enhanced programs via integration with other Care Management Services as well as 24×7 Nurse Triage and Informed Decision Support services