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Our services

Medic4all develops and offers telemedicine services, supported by biomedical technologies developed at the Group R&S center and thought for an exclusive application in the telemedicine field.

Medic4all services are built to support all the moments of the individual “medical life?, from medical data collection to health status monitoring, meaningfully acting on prevention and on medical assistance rather than on emergency.

Medic4all Telemedicine services highlight health as a fundamental value of the life quality and are available “anywhere, anytime?.

cartella clinica

Personal Clinical File

The Personal Clinical File is a space in the web, created by Medic4all for every customer, that contains … read more »

Tessera Salvavita

Life Saving Card

Is a special card that contains all the personal medical data indispensable in emergency cases … read more »

Visual Medicare

Visual Medicare

The Visual Medicare service is thought for those people who wish to spend … read more »

cartella clinica

Online Doctor

If a medical consultation, a prescription for a medicine or a referral letter is necessary because of a disease … read more »

cartella clinica

Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion service is thought for those people who wish to receive a qualified expert medical opinion … read more »

Check Up e Prevenzione

Check Up and Prevention

Is a service thought for those people who wish an effective monitoring of the own health status, with particular … read more »

Farmaco On-line

Online Prescription

The Online Prescription service allows to receive on the cellular phone by sms, fax or email the brand name … read more »


Nutrition and care

Nutrition and care … read more »