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Home care

visual medicare donna 2Medic4all Medical Operative Center under the control of Doctor who deal directly with incoming subscriber calls. When a call is received, the subscriber’s computerized personal medical records are immediately displayed on-screen to aid the medical call center doctor assessment and diagnosis of the caller’s condition.

The medical call center staff will then follow propriety communication protocols with the subscriber and evaluate the situation based on subscriber’s symptoms, real-time medical data transmission, and individual medical history. The staff will advise the caller on an appropriate course of action, or simply provide re-assurance. If necessary, an ambulance can be dispatched.


MOC is the monitor center software. A sophisticated medical record database management application, MC Interactives handles all aspects relating to patient records management. The data includes personal medical information, history of previous calls, different relevant baseline measurements taken when the subscriber enrolled, (ECG, blood pressure, weight, Temperature, etc.) according to the subscriber’s medical condition and administrative data.

When a subscriber calls, intelligent protocols guide patient-staff dialog and action according to pre-defined medical procedures. The core system integrates seamlessly with any or all of the various medical application modules, such as the blood pressure, pulmonary and CHF modules.
The software has FDA and CE mark.