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Our targets

Telemedicine applications offered by Medic4all satisfy a wide range of needs going from the most efficient management of medical care being also extended to the possibility of guaranteeing to all individuals the highest levels of safety, protection and comfort at home, office, during a trip or in leisure time.That is why the interest on telemedicine goes over the fields that are tightly connected to medical care (hospitals, diagnostic centers, research institutes, etc. ) being also extended to operators that aim to offer an added value for their clients.


  1. Home care;
  2. Telemonitoring;
  3. Disease managment;
  4. Health Corporations;


  1. Banks, Financial Companies, Companies issuing credit cards;
  2. Insurance companies, Brokers;
  3. Telecommunication companies, Utilities;
  4. Big Industrial Enterprises;
  5. Fitness Centers, Well being Centers;
  6. Sport Societies, Associations;
  7. Companies working in the travel and leisure time sector;