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Health Corporations

clinic(Hospitals, Nursing homes, Pharmaceutical Companies, Pharmacies, Specialists, etc).

Medic4all points to the Public Health sector with innovative Telemedicine tools and services able to support the hospital structures in the innovative projects that aim to increase the quantity and quality of the services offered to the patients that have been discharged from the hospital.The proposed solutions point to reducing managerial costs derived from the increasing demand of sanitary services with particular attention to the recovery at home and improper recovery management.Medic4all offers a wide range of services that are directed to the private and public market through the hospitalAims of the partnership:Realization of disease management projects based on remote monitoring systems of vital parameters.Setting of managerial protocols that favor a “protected� hospital discharge of patients and reduce improper recoveries.Evaluation of the opportunities of hospital structure positioning as a supplier of payment services for the citizens.