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Companies working in the travel and leisure time sector

Medic4all PrivateMedic4all points to all the Companies for which customer fidelity and employee satisfaction are important, with a new and potent tool:

“A wide range of personalized marketing solutions based on Telemedicine, with the aim of improving life quality and to protect the health of customers and employees.�

For “customers�, telemedicine applications that favor retention improvement, cross selling development and prospect acquisition can be realized, with meaningful impacts on the whole company profitability.

For “employees�, applications based on telemedicine can be carried out, both configured as “Fringe innovative benefit� and as initiatives that increase employees loyalty.

Medic4all marketing solutions are particularly advantageous because:

  1. Are distinctive and innovative: a strong competitive positioning can be achieved also as first mover;
  2. Favor notoriety and brand positioning as the “company that takes care of its own customers and employeesâ€?;
  3. Are of continuous, frequent and permanent use strengthening the interaction between the company and the customer, supported by a positive customer experience;
  4. Are highly adaptable, based on target customers and employees.

Medic4All offers marketing solutions based on telemedicine services through a path that is developed in three phases:

  1. Study of the specific demands of the company;
  2. Preparation and presentation of the project to the business management;
  3. Realization and supply of the Services.