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Anywhere, anytime

Medic4all Telemedicine services highlight health as a fundamental value of the life quality and are available “anywhere, anytime.”

  • At home, thanks to the active and constant presence of “another doctor in the family”, to medical assistance and monitoring, during a recovery or pregnancy, 24h a day
  • During travel
  • At the office
  • During leisure time.

In fact, Medic4All allows:

  • Storage of medical information in an internet-based clinical file;
  • Remote monitoring of vital signs, through unique biomedical technologies
  • Transfer of monitored medical data to the Medical Operative Center
  • Tele-consultation between doctor and patient or between physicians (second opinion).

telemedicina anytime anyware
Medic4all points to the B2B market: Medic4all technologies, services and performances can be associated and combined with products and services of companies that aim to offer an added value to their customers, which are for instance:

telemedicina Medic4all formula di valore

  • Insurance Policies
  • Current accounts
  • Credit and Debit cards
  • Investment Products
  • Financial Products
  • Contracts of use
  • Subscriptions
  • Travel & entertainment services bouquet
  • Systems inside locations  (Cashpoints, Infirmaries, Well being, etc)

Innovative and original value formulas can be born from the cooperation between Medic4all and the companies, able to create a lasting competitive advantage.