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The 4 intervention areas of Medic4all

Telemedicine covers different medicine fields: Medic4all offers services that could be integrated to those provided by hospital structures (both public and private), in the general and internal medicine fields.

The patient can continue with its therapies and carry out medical controls away from the hospital, with evident advantages for its own comfort. Diseases like hypertension and diabetes that require constant medical supervision are frequent, as well as phases immediately following a recovery that require the organization of an assisted convalescence and, if necessary, rehabilitation treatments.


Medic4all intervention areas can be divided according to the individual health status:

Prevention: primary prevention actions comprise full health periods and those when it is useful to accurately monitor the own health status, both to prevent the onset of pathologies (during aging), and to appropriately manage the preparation to an intervention related to a natural event, for instance birth.

Health support: telemedicine services, in this phase of the individual “medical life�, could be integrated to health services offered by hospital structures and represent important services every time that, upon a specific pathology (hypertension, diabetes, etc.) the patient needs constant healthcare and assistance during the course of the disease.

Specific monitoring: it allows to perceive in advance the micro-signals that point out the onset of a risky pathology or it is helpful for such individual that, because of medical circumstances, need constant and personalized monitoring

: it is the phase of the individual’s medical life immediately following a surgical intervention or recovery; telemedicine in this phase allows to optimize the management of the sanitary expense guaranteeing the quality of the service and the comfort of the patient.