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The Telcomed range of wireless devices give patients an extremely user friendly and comfortable monitoring experience, while providing highest-level precision and reliability. Proprietary devices include the MiniClinic™ and WristClinic™ vital signs monitoring wrist units, the MedicGate™ vital signs monitoring gateway and the MiniGate™ USB gateway that store and transmit information to the telemedicine call centre. The platform has been designed to be flexible and accommodate a variety of third party devices. This means that vendors who build their solutions on the Telcomed platform can be assured that new technologies and devices can always be added later. Telcomed has selected “best of breed” OEM partners to provide blood-pressure monitor, ECG monitor and weight-scale which are wirelessly integrated into the platform.



The all-in-one wireless remote medical monitoring revolution
WristClinic™ is a revolutionary all-in-one wireless remote medical monitoring device for telemedicine and homecare applications. It enables timely intervention, disease and chronic care management, improved patient compliance and better patient care.

MiniClinic™ Wrist-unit

MiniClinic Wrist-unit

Telcomed’s MiniClinic™ vital signs monitoring wrist unit is the flagship monitoring device in Telcomed’s advanced telemedicine system.
This uniquely user-friendly monitor is as comfortably wearable as a standard wristwatch.

Blood pressure monitor BP100 - BP102

device blood

The user-friendly blood pressure monitor includes an automatic inflation function and features one-button operation for automatic power on, cuff inflation, blood pressure measurement and cuff deflation. It simultaneously displays systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. A pre-set level control prevents over-inflation of the cuff.

Weight Scale

device scale sml

The Wireless Weight Scale enables precise medical monitoring of weight changes for chronic disease patients. And enables on-line weight tracking and coaching for weight loss and wellness management..

Wireless Glucose Meter

The Wireless Glucose Meter enables diabetic patients and their clinicians to automatically track and analyse readings on line and/or on their home PC.


devices gateway sml

Telcomed’s MedicGate™ is the vital sign collecting gateway, a hub for communication between the patient, Telcomed monitoring devices and the telemedicine call centre..



For use at the office or while travelling, patients appreciate MiniGate™, an IP-based USB gateway. MiniGate™ is a miniature “plug and play” PC peripheral that communicates with the MiniClinic™ vital signs monitoring wrist unit or any of the other Medic4All or OEM devices..

MedicEye IV

MedicEye IV

Half the size of a VCR, MedicEye IV integrates a high-quality CCD camera and modem to simultaneously transmit and receive audio and video over a regular phone line.



An easy-to-use, lightweight pendant enables the user to transmit an emergency alert to a monitoring centre via the MedicGate™ with a quick push of the button.

Monitoring Centre

Monitoring Centre

Telcomed telemedicine call centre system is based on sophisticated telecommunication, processing and storage technologies, and Telcomed’s proprietary software.

Web based medical File

Web based medical File

Web based multy language medical file services enable secure internet access to the patient’s vital signs measurements record through the medical call center, using the ‘Life Saving Card’.

All Medic4All products are tested and verified according to medical CE quality system under Annex II = Section 3 of the council directive 93/42/ECC.

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